Classic Team Competition

This a knockout competition open to all clubs in South Wales for players of Senior status.

A qualifying round is held and winners play in the Cup and the losers go forward to the Bowl competition.

Matches will be arranged as a result of a random draw, overseen by committee members,
with the first team drawn playing at home with the next team as their opponents and so on until the draw has been completed.
This round will be divided geographically into "West" and "East" sections.

For both the Cup and Bowl competitions, a random draw takes place for each subsequent round, and teams are expected to travel wherever to play their matches.

Two reserves may accompany the away team and play a non qualifying match against two reserves from the home team.
The Captains should discuss and arrange this once the draw is known.

Prizes will be awarded to the Winners and runners up at the end of season Gala in September - see key dates.