SWSC Classic & Claret Jug WHS Update

Committee of the South Wales Seniors Classic.  08/02/2021

Proposal:- From Chris Bailey:

With regards to changes in our rules to accommodate the new world handicap system.                                                                        

At least 70% of CLUB members handicaps have increased by 1 or 2   95% of SENIOR members handicaps have in some cases increased by 3.  I have gone up from 12 .3 to 14.3. Therefore I feel we should increase the Seniors Classic Max Handicap to 20 from 18   Also increase the Claret Jug from 20 to 22. Because the Classic is a fourball match play competition the handicap difference is now 85% were previously it was 90%   These changes are now approved by the R & A so I feel we should include them for the coming season.                                                                                                                               Chris

Amendment:- From Howel Craven

That there be no change in the rules for the Cup, Bowl & Claret Jug Competitions. That the maximum playing handicap of 18 be retained for the SWSC Classic and the maximum number of 18 shots be retained for the Claret Jug.


Following the proposal the committee were contacted by E Mail for their opinions:                                                   


Allen Watts, Tenby Golf Club. I am in agreement with you that the maximum handicap for the Classic should stay at 18 and the maximum number of shots for the Claret Jug should be 18 shots (This will in fact allow 21 handicappers at 85% to have 18 shots and in some cases 22 handicappers with the right slope rating).                                                                                                                            

Clive Evans, Carmarthen Golf Club. Totally agree with Allen as regards to keeping the handicap allowance as it is. However as one of the most prestigious competitions in South Wales I feel that we must embrace the new WHS. The Congu handicap system is now obsolete and we must move forward with the times.

Tony Key, Tenby Golf Club. Having read and given thought to the proposal and the amendment I am inclined to support the maximum stroke allowance as being 18 and as Allen points out even at 85% h/caps of 21/22 will receive 18 shots. 

Gordon Elliot. Yes I agree with keeping the handicap limit to 18 in all SWSC comps.

 John Davies (Chairman) & Brian Price, Llantrisant Golf Club. John & myself are in agreement that there be no change in the current rules, due in the main that people who appear to be on the wrong handicap at present would possibly be given even more shots and give them an even greater advantage Chris did make other observations but it all boils down to no change.                                                                                                                      

Peter Watkins, Woodlake Park Golf Club. I read all the emails and the reply to Chris and yes I agree 18 should be the maximum.

Going on the above responses from the Committee I take it that the Proposal is defeated unanimously and that the 2021 Competition will go ahead following the Rules confirmed at the 2019 A.G.M.

Howel Craven (Secretary)


For Information & Guidance purposes only:-   2021 WHS Handicap: A player will have a Handicap Index from their club and then calculate their Course Handicap = Handicap Index  X  Slope Rating / 113.  These calculations are generally provided at each course near the proshop and first tee. Strokes taken will be from the lowest handicap player of the four and will be 90% of the difference in   handicaps.


South Wales Seniors Classic Newsletter

President: Max Boyce, MBE, FRWCMD

Hi Chaps,

Welcome to  January 2021. Here is the itinerary for 2021 Golf Season.                                                                       
I think that by March we should be in a position to be prepared for a fresh start. (Hopefully Covid free.)                                            

Please note that all entries must be made online through the booking forms.      
At present there are 47 teams entered & paid for from 2020, a list will be placed on the
SWSC web site. The clubs that had a refund or hadn’t paid their entry fee last year & intend taking part should book their spot on the Pre-registration Forms they should be in as soon as possible in 2021 accompanied with the fee of 60 per team.
If you are in doubt whether your team/s have been paid for contact me.

Key Dates: Classic Cup & Bowl 2021
Pre-registration Forms must be in as early as possible from
January 1st 2021.
Team registration forms in by 31st March, 2021
Qualifying round played by 28th April, 2021
1st round by 29th May, 2021
2nd round by 30th June, 2021
Quarter-final to be played Thursday 15th July, 2021 at Morriston Golf Club
Semi-final to be played Thursday 12th August, 2021 at Llantrisant Golf Club.
Final & Presentation Dinner on Thursday 9th September 2021 at The Grove Golf Club

Key Dates:  Claret Jug 2021
Player registration forms must be in by 1st June, 2021

West Wales Region - 7th July, 2021 - Carmarthen GC
East Wales Region - 8th July, 2021 - Woodlake Park GC
Swansea West Glam - 8th July, 2021 - Clyne GC

Final to be held on 5th August 2021 at
Machynys Golf Club

Classic Pre-Registration  2021
Please use this form
as early as possible from January 1st 2021 to indicate your intention of registering
(one, two or three) teams to play in this year’s Classic
.This form should be completed by the person designated
to communicate information on behalf of this team. In the event of over subscription entries will be taken as received in chronological order.
Please enter your teams as soon as possible to avoid disappointment

Classic Team Entry Form 2021
Please register your teams names as early as possible.
This form should be completed by the person designated to communicate information on behalf of this team.

Claret Jug Entry Form
This form should be completed by the person designated to communicate information on behalf of the pairs at any time
up to
1st June 2021. 
For more pairs, please enter a second form.

All payments to the SWSC Treasurer by Cheque or Bank Transfer.
Chris Bailey, Treasurer: 01639 813502

email:  or

Please check our website  regularily in 2021 for updates to the competitions. 

Many Thanks. Howel.  Tel:- 01792/523423: mobile..07842553824. e mail:-