Classic - Second Round
Team Captains Please ensure that your players are aware of the Competition Rules and have a current CONGU handicap certificate with them.
Winning teams in bold progress to the Quarter Finals.

To be played by Tuesday, 30th June, 2022

Cup        Bowl
Team 1 v Team 2        Team 1b v Team 2b
Team 3 v Team 4        Team 3b v Team 4b
Team 5 v Team 6        Team 5b v Team 6b
Team 7 v Team 8        Team 7b v Team 8b
Team 9 v Team 10        Team 9b v Team 10b
Team 11 v Team 12        Team 11b v Team 12b
Team 13 v Team 14        Team 13b v Team 14b
Team 15 v Team 16        Team 15b v Team 16b